Meet Orion

Every brand new parent believes that their child is perfect. I was no exception. I was fully convinced that no child ever looked so gorgeous at one-day-old. And at two-days-old, I was certain that he was the smartest baby ever to be born at Hoag Hospital. I enjoyed 48 hours of uninterrupted bliss as I held and gazed at my new little baby. Our room was quiet and we could see the ocean from the window. His father is a United States Marine Corps Officer, so my son had to feel his father’s presence from a photograph that we kept next to my hospital bed.

Over time, every parent comes to realize that no person on the planet Earth is perfect. And their child is no exception. Some children will eventually have food allergies. Others will need glasses or braces by the time they are in grade school. But for me, that realization came when my son was only three-days-old. A nurse casually whisked my son away for his Newborn Hearing Screening. In response to my slight look of alarm at being separated from my son for the first time, she said “don’t worry, everyone passes.” A few minutes later, she returned with a negative result. I was lost in shock and disbelief. But in that moment, I had my very first glimpse of real parenthood. I had to rise to become an advocate for my three-day-old, possibly imperfect, son.
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Children's Auditory Research and Evaluation (CARE) Children's Center

The House Research Institute's Children's Auditory Research and Evaluation (CARE) Center, is a pediatric audiology center, devoted to improving the communication ability of infants and children with auditory disorders through research, clinical services and education of professionals and families.

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Does Your Child Have A Hearing Loss?

Early identification allows parents to consider the choice of communication options right away. Learn about the options.
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Education Milestones for your Child with Hearing Loss

Learn about the appropriate education milestones related to your child's Hearing Loss.
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Cochlear Implants and other Hearing Devices

Learn about different aid devices you maybe able to consider for your child.

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Children's Research Projects/Laboratories

CARE combines clinical services and research into auditory development and disorders in children. Learn more about our child-focused research.
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Clinical Services for children with Hearing Loss

Our pediatric audiology center professionals provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluation of a child's hearing abilities, determine appropriate treatments and make recommendations for long-term care.
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Resources for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss

Find resources to your Frequently asked questions.
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